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Some information received from: Grade 1 Unit 2 Shapes and Definitions Table Name Visual Definition Trapezoid A four-sided polygon having ...

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Polygon Power . Brief Overview: Students will learn to identify types of lines and basic polygons, specifically parallel lines, intersecting lines and perpendicular ...

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2004 Core Knowledge® National Conference, Third Grade Is Shaping Up, Grade 3 4 C. Key Vocabulary 1. Polygon – a many sided plane figure

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I Have, Who Has Recording Sheet Name _____ Date _____ 1. Vocabulary Word: Drawing:

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KEY 7. A polygon with exactly one pair of parallel sides and at least two right angles At least 2 means 3 or more Half credit for trapezoid with exactly 2 right angles

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Exterior Angles Geometry 5.2 Answer: 1. The exterior angles are supplementary to the interior angles in a regular polygon with n sides. 360/n gives you the measure of ...

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11.1 Angle Measures in Polygons 665 1.Name an interior angleand an exterior angleof the polygon shown at the right. 2.How many exterior angles are there in an n-gon?

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Session 3 - 54 - Geometry Finding Polygons Each corner of a polygon, where two sides meet, is called a vertex. The plural of vertex is vertices.

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Name Geometry Polygons Sum of the interior angles of a (n - 2)180 polygon ~, Sum of the exterior angles of a 360°